Jeremy Hagon

Campaigning for a #BetterStanway, helping create opportunities for growth, supporting direct investment in education and job creation.

Getting the job done, working as part of a team, to be a real local community champion to help bring out the best in Stanway. Being a member of the two distinctly fantastic teams helps me achieve these goals and creates opportunities to expand on new initiatives, benefiting local residents.



Jeremy Hagon


What truly matters is those who choose to serve and devote their time to public service are the type of people to get out there, work as a team and get the job done, putting the concerns of residents first.

These values are hugely important to me.

A joint effort campaign to increase accessibility of public access defibrillators across Stanway has seen the number of devices now reach more than five in less than twelve months.


A solution is desperately needed for the ongoing flood problems in Winstree Road and Chapel Road, near local primary schools in Stanway Colchester.


An increase in much needed school places in Stanway has the unfortunate consequence of increased traffic during peak periods. I am working with partners to make our roads safer for our children.

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