154 Supporters so far… Thank you

Hi all, a quick update for you all.

I have spoken at length with Cllr. Kevin Bentley last week (Essex County Council) who has given his full support to road safety improvements along Winstree Road and the development of a traffic management plan – before the schools are increased in size.

With support from Cllr. Lesley Scott-Boutell ongoing and media attention now being gained in the local Gazette, we are making these dangers more visible than ever before with a target for change.

It was sad to hear of two incidents on Winstree Road last Friday where at least one person required immediate medical attention for a serious head injury. Staying with this gentleman whilst we waited for the emergency services to arrive it made it more apparent than ever the road must be kept clear during busy time such as school pick up and drop off so emergency vehicles can get through!

Returning to my car afterwards, it dawned – “This could have been a child, my child!” and a cold shudder came over me.

I want to thank everyone who has supported this campaign so far and I will be submitting it to NEPP very soon. In the meantime, please share this post, email or link just in case someone hasn’t had the chance and wants to have their say to help support road safety outside our school.

Sign at www.winstreeroad.co.uk and show your support.

Gazette article published on Tuesday 14th February.