163 Supporters – Thank You. Petition Sent

Today I have sent the petition and covering letter to North Essex Parking Partnership and we now await their response.  With over 160 residents and parents signing the petition to improve road safety outside the Fiveways School, the thoughts and feelings of the people who use this road daily are very much welcomed and we hope NEPP can take further action.

There is still time to sign. Follow the link here.

Zig-Zag Safety Zones on Winstree Road.

I hereby deliver this petition on behalf of residents and parents who want to see road safety improvements outside of Stanway Fiveways Primary School.

The improvements called upon include but are not limited to the mirroring of Zig-Zag lines opposite the school.

I understand there may be issue taken with the placement of signage and this may need to considered, however there is plenty of space alongside the playing field of Stanway Secondary where such signage could be posted.

Winstree Road is now too narrow to support safe parking at certain points along with 2 traffic lanes for traffic to pass. There is also very limited view from a drivers perspective when drivers are parked illegally.

These thoughts and ideas have also been shared with Essex County Council and our local councillor who support road safety improvements on this stretch of highway.

Please take time to read though the comments and please consider this, there has already been two accidents on this stretch of highway in recent months, how long before the next one?

Jeremy Hagon