Natural soak-away should remain to help with drainage

Forgot to mention about the soak-away’s along Winstree Road. (or lack of them).

Dear Sirs,

I wrote a reply yesterday but omitted one very important fact (see original reply below).

As you are creating a new cycle path along Winstree Road in Stanway, Colchester; the grass verge which is acting as a natural soak away is being replaced along the entire length of road  Рwith concrete.

Losing this much natural soak away will hugely impact the already present flooding on Winstree Road due to the damaged drainage system along Winstree Road which should in all honest opinion have been upgraded when Woden Avenue estate replaced the Stanway School grass field.

Was this decision to remove the natural grass soak away taken into consideration when plans for the cycle were submitted?

I look forward to your prompt reply.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagon

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