Brexit must be delivered or we risk the future of our party

With a strong list of candidates the Conservative leadership race has officially begun following the planned announcement of Theresa May’s resignation as Party leader on Friday (7th June).

Whoever now takes pole position to serve as our next leader must be fully determined to deliver on the result of the referendum or risk the future of our Party.

Throughout the recent local Borough elections I spent a lot of time speaking to voters on the doorstep, many felt angry and frustrated at Parliament’s failure to deliver on Brexit.

The message was clear, the vote happened, the people spoke and Brexit must be delivered.

The net loss of more than 1,300 hard working Conservative councillors following the results of the local elections echoed those feelings across the UK, with many more dedicated and passionate Tory candidates not being elected as a result of protest voting.

A similar message was repeated in the EU elections, and more recently in the Peterborough by-election where Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party almost won their first Westminster seat placing the Conservatives in third place losing 25 percent of the vote.

The Conservative Party can no longer stick their ‘head in the sand’ and believe everything will work out fine.

A deliverable plan is urgently needed, a strong message to our voters, support and leadership for our grass roots activists to help rebuild trust in our Party and a clear concise message to Britain that their Government will deliver on the result of the referendum by 31st October – no more extensions.

It’s a sad reality if Parliament is unable to deliver on the instruction of 17.4 million people to leave the EU, trust and faith in our seemingly eroding democratic system will I fear, be damaged beyond repair.

As a Party, if we are unable to lead on a new plan to deliver Brexit, we risk the continued disastrous annihilation in any future local and national elections, losing great candidates in the process who may well consider standing as independents in future elections as they seek new ways to continue serving their local communities.

And worse still, we risk giving Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Downing Street.

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