Calls for solutions as flooding issues persist on Winstree Road

Following up on the ongoing flooding issues in Winstree Road and Chapel Road Stanway, as a member of the Stanway Action Team I have written to Cllr. Kevin Bentley, County Councillor for Stanway asking for his urgent assistance in providing a solution.

Dear Cllr. Bentley,

Following recent heavy rainfall in Colchester during the past two days, it has become even more apparent to many, including myself, flooding issues along Winstree Road and Chapel Road require urgent attention to correct the lack of drainage in this immediate area.

Only yesterday (8th May) I stood speaking with residents waiting for the bus at the southbound bus stop near Fiveways school, who were standing tight against the fencing to avoid being soaked by passing vehicles.

The newly laid shared cycle-path along Winstree Road is pitted with dips and unevenness, creating huge puddles near Fiveways School and badly maintained road surfaces at crossing points near Wheatfield Road and Chapel Road create additional flooding points.

I personally have witnessed adults and children on their way to school being drenched by vehicle users driving through very large puddles at school rush hour, following heavy rainfall. This is not acceptable.

It is understood this area was once suggested to be on a Flood Alleviation Programme, perhaps you could look into this further.

As County Councillor for Stanway, would you be kind enough to look into this further, to help deliver a long overdue solution, to remedy this ongoing problem.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Hagon