Calls to stop elephant sculpture and invest elsewhere in the Borough

I have written to Colchester Council leader Cllr. Mark Cory asking him to stop the proposed elephant sculpture development on the Albert roundabout and to consider spending the public money on alternative projects within the borough.

Dear Cllr. Mark Cory

Three-Dimensional Elephant Sculpture, Albert Roundabout Colchester
A recent planning application from Colchester Borough Council (planning application number 183085) to purchase and install a metal three-dimensional wayfinding sculpture on the Albert roundabout in Cowdray Avenue has been met with strong objections from residents of Colchester.

Proposals for the sculpture, being majority funded by Colchester Council have been reported to be costing £202,000, with at least £100,000 being funded from the New Homes Bonus grant.

The majority of comments on social media platforms in posts relating to the proposed sculpture reveal an overwhelming desire for this public money to be spent on alternative projects within the Borough.

Planning permission was recently granted by Colchester Council planning committee on Thursday (28th February) for the wayfinding sculpture, including the provision of two CCTV cameras and additional landscaping. I understand no material considerations for rejection were found by the committee as outlined in the planning application.

It is now in your hands to listen to the thousands of views from Colchester residents and stop the proposed installation of this giant elephant sculpture on the Albert roundabout in Colchester, and to reconsider this spending of public money on a proposal that hugely lacks public support.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Hagon
Resident, Colchester

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