Cash for community projects doubled in Stanway

Council chiefs have announced their decision to double community funding for local projects in Stanway and across the Colchester Borough.

Ward councillors across Colchester will be able to spend up to £2,000 each directly in their areas on a wide range of schemes including landscaping, infrastructure and community facilities.

In Stanway, doubling of last year’s allowance means a total of £6,000 across all three ward councillors will be available for a variety of projects across the ward.

Cllr Paul Dundas (Con) Leader of Colchester Council said, “I am very pleased we have been able to do this and fits in very much with our philosophy of moving decision making away from the Town Hall and towards the local Councillors who know their own areas.

“With 3 Councillors per ward this means each will have £6,000 to invest spread equally over the whole Borough.”

Cllr Sue Lissimore (Con), Portfolio Holder for Resources said, “As part of our COVID recovery we want drive forward investment on a very local basis. This money will be spent in the community on people’s doorsteps and allow Councillors to directly target issues in their own wards.”

Locality budgets in the past have gone towards funding many of the public accessible defibrillators across Stanway, to local primary schools and to local community groups including Stanway Parish Council.

The Conservative and Independent led Colchester Borough Council Cabinet have restored the full £2,000 per Councillor locality budget allowance following last years reduction by the previous administration.