Chitts Hill planning application for 100 homes should be refused

I attended the recent planning committee meeting at the town hall where the plans for Chitts Hill planning application were heard.

Due to other residents having their say and the Council policy to allow only one person to speak for and against, I was not able to read this to the committee.

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I am objecting to this development due to the following reasons:

The plans suggest the opening to the proposed development will be 70 metres from the main rail line running at the base of Chitts Hill.

Traffic is already held at this pinch point during rush hour, sometimes for up to 20 minutes, and the addition of more vehicles to this area will cause even more unnecessary queuing, potentially even dangerous situations may occur if traffic is caught on the crossing itself.

It is also worth noting the proposal falls outside of the Stanway growth area. Any fallback to being in the “emerging local plan” should be disregarded by the planning committee considering the recent inspectors report dated August 2018, where it was said the emerging local plan “cannot be adopted if it contains the existing garden community proposals.”

My understanding is the garden community proposals are still be considered for inclusion, so with this, I ask this development proposal be refused, subject to the delivery of the acceptance of the Inspector of the forthcoming local plan, and further investigation by Highways to provide further evidence to the expected traffic generated from the site and how this will impact areas around Chitts Hill and Junction 26 on the A12.

The decision of the planning committee has been to defer.

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