Council’s Bin Policy Lacks Leadership

Stanway residents are continuing to raise concerns over certain aspects of how the Borough Council’s waste and recycling service is being delivered to residents across the village.

Residential kerbside waste and recycling collections fall to Colchester Borough Council (CBC), with sorting operations taking place in the CBC run section of the recycling centre in Shrub End.

The annually printed ‘waste and recycling’ calendar, once a mainstay of the fridge door in many households, is to be no more; households are now asked to search their postcode online, download and print their own copy instead, and those without a printer or perhaps technical knowhow being left to contact the council for help. 

There’s a continuing growing concern from some areas of Stanway where residents on routes without wheelie bins feel frustrated, with no option but to buy additional stocks of black and clear bin sacks for their fortnightly kerbside waste and recycling collections, and the ongoing saga of food waste bins in areas across Stanway consistently being missed on collection day.

Of course, the unanswered question here is, are the Borough Council considering any expansion of their wheelie bin roll-out following their introduction to the Borough back in 2017.

More so, in recent years the Borough Council has had plenty of opportunity to support residents with their waste and recycling, especially in an ever-expanding community that is Stanway.  However, these opportunities always appear to stop short on delivering what some may describe as the ‘gold standard’ for residents.

By no means is this a reflection of our hard working kerbside collection and waste handling teams.  Importantly, this highlights what could be described as a weaknesses in the Borough Council’s waste management strategy and leadership, a weakness that is simply not being addressed. 

The above comment was published in the Daily Gazette on Friday 19th March.