Email back to Will Quince, MP

County Council appear to have failed to address constituents concerns.

Dear Will,

Thank you for your time to reply to my email.

Yes, I had received a response from Cllr. Johnson however the response was unsatisfactory.

It’s at times like this when the County Council fail to address constituents concerns and respond to questions that have been purposely raised leaving no option but to raise the issue with our local Member of Parliament to take up the concerns on their behalf.

I believe a call or email from yourself on behalf of your constituent’s that are being adversely affected by this issue would go a long way to produce a satisfactory resolution.

I would prefer not to wait until the next flooding along Winstree Road or accident caused due to the poorly maintained highway and badly designed pathway replacement scheme before my concerns are actually listened to.

Taking action now may possibly save a life and most certainly save thousands of tax payers pounds if we can get the drainage repair escalated.

Your sincerely,

Jeremy Hagon