Fiveways School expansion

Here are my comments I left on the Essex County Council consultations website for the proposed increased in size of the Fiveways School on Winstree Road.

There is a meeting this coming Thursday 19th January, from 4pm-6pm.

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Dear Sirs,

I support the increase in the Fiveway’s school size, making use of existing land to build permanent classrooms to replace the temporary units that are now in place.

I do have concerns over the future of the school’s leadership and how the existing school culture will accept the increase in size.

One important consideration is traffic management. There is already a huge impact on residents of Winstree Road not being able to get out of their drives during the mornig and afternoon hours.

This problem now extends along Wheatfield Road and Holly Road.

With all three schools along the Winstree Road area planning to almost double their intake in the next 5 years, Winstree Road will be the main corridor for vehicle traffic.

Winstree Road seems unable to manage the traffic flow it has today, made worse by illegal parking and the narrowing of the highway when the cycle path was built in the summer of 2016.

Parking facilities for parents needs to be introduced, possibly a stop and drop lay-by in the front of Fiveways School perhaps Рto stop parents parking on double yellow lines or even the Zig-Zag lines to drop their children off.  Doing this constantly puts our children in danger.

Additional spaces for staff need to be created and additional accessibility spaces for blue badge holders are urgently required inside the school grounds.

The bus timetable should also be altered to eliminate larger vehicles driving down Wheatfield Road at school pick up time. Buses are unable to turn in and out of Wheatfield Road as the road is now too narrow and illegal parking opposite the junction also causes issues.

Residents have also complained of dangerous parking along Holly Road, especially on the corner of Juniper road, where drivers may not be able to see children walk out from behind parked vehicles.

The constant flooding issues need to be resolved too along Winstree Road, made worse by the development of the cycle path earlier this year when they removed the natural soak-away’s. This path also needs urgent repair as it floods badly and now the icy weather is here, now causes dangerous patches of black ice to form.

There is also need to repair and resurface Winstree Road and to put in place traffic management at the junction of Winstree Road and Villa Road.

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