Follow up email to Essex County Council relating to the condition of Winstree Road

Summer holiday’s over, Autumn in full swing, time to chase up on the condition of Winstree Road. Here’s an email I sent Cllr. Rodney Bass at Essex County Council.  I didn’t realise he had retired (but Cllr. Eddie Johnson was CC’d).

Dear Mr Bass,

It’s been many months since work was completed reducing the road width on Winstree Road to build a new cycle path.

The road surface still requires urgent repair, possible resurfacing.

Dangerous road collapse adjacent to Holly Road have been marked by ECC as urgent, but not repaired.

Speed restrictors have double yellow lines painted over them as their position is too close to the curb.

Speed restrictors are being parked on forcing other vehicles onto the other side of the road to pass safely.

Buses and other heavy traffic now use Holly Road junction as a passing point as the road now isn’t wide enough to allow traffic to pass.

Turning point into Wheatfield Road is not wide enough for public transport, new curbs are mounted and signage hit.

Wheatfield Road junction is used as a passing point during school rush hour.

Parents continue to park on double yellow lines due to increased volume of traffic this term and no additional parking available.

However it is good to see now pupils from Stanway School now walking their bikes along the new cycle path during school rush hour to help reduce the chance of hitting a small child or parent.

It seems like you were right to get the local police involved to help resolve that dangerous problem quickly.

Now can we please fix the road before winter sets in?

Many thanks,
Jeremy Hagon

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