Jeremy Selected for Stanway Ward in Borough Council Election

Father of two and dedicated local campaigner Jeremy Hagon is set to continue his work for the local Stanway community by standing as the Conservative Candidate for Stanway Ward in this year’s Borough Council election, following the decision by Cllr. Fiona Maclean to step down.

Jeremy has lived and worked around Stanway for most of his life and was educated at the both the local Fiveways Primary and Stanway School. 

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In 2018, Jeremy started a fundraising campaign to purchase Stanway’s first 24/7 publicly accessible defibrillator – now installed at the Stanway School. This successful campaign launched a boost across the Stanway, now seeing more than 9 potentially life-saving defibrillators installed across the village by businesses, community groups, Borough and Parish Councils.

Jeremy said, “Stanway has seen many changes over the years and we’re seeing huge growth in Stanway’s population with thousands of new homes for families of all sizes. Growing up in Stanway, I remember fondly as a child riding my bike around the village, playing on Stanway Green and hand-picking punnets of strawberries on the fruit-farm.

“We are now just seeing some of the developer led funding, commonly known as section 106 monies, accruing from these developments. However, Stanway residents have had to wait far too long for Stanway money to be spent in Stanway – and the fight is not over yet!”

“As we navigate our way back to a more normal way of life after coronavirus, I want to ensure Stanway residents continue to have their concerns heard in the Town Hall and at the heart of Government.”

Cllr. Fiona Maclean, Conservative Councillor for Stanway ward said, “I am so pleased to see Jeremy taking up the reins in the upcoming Colchester Borough Council elections and I thank and ask all those across Stanway who lent me their vote previously, to do the same for Jeremy. He is committed to helping the residents of Stanway and truly wants to improve services right here in Stanway and across the Colchester Borough.”

Local Witham MP and Home Secretary, Priti Patel, said, “Jeremy has been a strong voice for Stanway and I have been pleased to work with him to support local residents. He has an outstanding record putting the best interests of Stanway first and being a champion for the local community.

“Jeremy has stood firm in challenging the Council, is a strong campaigner and is passionate about making Stanway a better, safer place to live and work.  I hope you will vote for Jeremy to be elected at the next local elections so he will be better placed to deliver for everyone in Stanway representing the area and standing up for Stanway on the Council.”

Local Colchester Borough Council elections along with Essex County Council elections are set to take place on Thursday 6th May 2021.

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