Leadership hustings take place at Five Lakes resort in Essex

It was excellent to hear from both Conservative candidates, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson in the leadership election hustings held at Five Lakes Resort, Essex on Saturday (13th July).

Both candidates spent an hour each on stage answering questions from audience members, made up of Conservative party members, ranging from health care to Brexit.

The audience of more than 300 arrived at the Essex location ahead of the event, beginning at 5pm, with supporters welcoming each police escorted candidate at separate entrances upon arrival.

Jeremy Hunt delivered well, setting out his position on why people should vote for him as the next leader, talking about his time as Health Secretary, but still fell short on committing to an absolute delivery of Brexit on 31st October.

However the clear winner was certainly Boris Johnson, showing he was the only candidate with a real leadership plan to:

– Deliver 20,000 additional police officers to our streets;

– Expedited roll-out of fibre broadband across the country helping connect communities;

– Real investment in our education system by increasing the amount schools get per pupil;

– Protection and investment of our local community services;

– An absolute determination to deliver Brexit on 31st October.

If we are to stand any chance batting off the perils of a Labour led Government under Jeremy Corbyn at the next General Election, the party simply must vote Boris Johnson, and it seemed the majority at the hustings agreed.

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