Lexden Springs school proposals

I recently visited the presentation of the plans for the new Lexden Springs school on Winstree Road which were on show in the public library last week.

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Comment on the Essex County Council Lexden Springs school proposal 

Comment on the Colchester Panning Portal regarding the Lexden Springs plans

Essex County Council would like you to comment on the proposed plans. I have, here is what I have said:

I support the development if thew new school and welcome the opportunities a new school will bring with it, however consideration must be given to the ongoing situation of traffic management on Chapel Road and Winstree Road – before work begins.

A planned 5 year increase of over 1000 students across the four schools in the immediate area will undoubtedly bring more road vehicles.

Road safety upgrades on Winstree Road, Chapel Road and adjoining local school roads must be introduced as a priority before the new Lexden Springs school opens to ensure we are reducing the risk of road danger to our children.

I would also like to see additional parking spaces created on-site for parents of the Stanway School to use, removing them from the highway.

Electric vehicle charging points should also be created for the use by Lexden Springs staff and visitors and where possible, maximise the use of solar panels for sustainability.

I had an opportunity to speak with those responsible for the new school plans at the recent presentation in Stanway.

What surprised me is the lack of on-site car parking spaces proposed. With 200 children attending the school and teaching at an almost 1:1 ratio and with additional support and office staff, 150 parking spaces would surely not be enough and cause congestion in and around the school on the highways and local side roads.

Where will additional staff and visitors park their cars during the working day?

There is no public transport that runs past this proposed location at this time. Will this be addressed?

I would also like to raise the point Fiveways Primary school is now undergoing a huge expansion doubling it’s size from 320 intake to 640 and work has now begun on the foundations.

During the Fiveways consultation, I did raise my comments there was not enough parking for staff and visitors on-site. This seems not to have been addressed. Again, where will the staff and visitors park?

Disabled parking has been accommodated for in the proposed plans for the new Lexden Springs school on Winstree Road. Fiveways school is desperate for on-site disabled parking. Why was this not given a consideration to help relieve some of the stress on Winstree Road parking?

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