“Lollipop Lynn” Final Day on Winstree Road, Stanway.

Today “Lollipop Lynn” stands her sign for her final day today leaving for pastures new. I want to thank her for 17 years service in and around Colchester especially looking out for the kids on Winstree Road.

Essex County Council are putting in a temporary replacement whilst a full time person can be found to fill the job.  If you are interested in the role, please read the following statement from Essex County Council (thank you Lesley for the quote).

Are you looking to represent your community? Essex County Council are currently recruiting for a School Crossing Patrol Officer on Winstree Road, Stanway to ensure the safety of children and others waiting to cross the road.

If you think you could help or know someone who may be interested, please call the School Crossing Patrol Service on 03330 139788 or email your details to school.crossingpatrol@essex.gov.uk.