Park Safe Schools

Improving the enforcement of school ‘zig-zag’ restrictions using camera technology is set to take a step forward outside our local schools.

North Essex Parking Partnership has identified schools that are part of the 3PR scheme seeking to “educate parents, through schools and engaging with pupils”.

It has formally been confirmed Winstree Road, Colchester has been selected as being a pilot location. Two cameras are set to be installed, one covering restrictions outside Stanway Fiveways and the other covering both Stanway and Lexden Springs schools.

Whilst the latter schools are not 3PR scheme members, due to the proximity of these schools and the ongoing measures to improve safety in this road, it was decided it was important to extend the pilot to these locations too.

Jeremy Hagon, campaigner and Stanway Action Team member said, “It is welcoming news to hear ongoing measures to improve safety outside out schools are progressing successfully following the introduction of the 3PR scheme at Fiveways.

“As a founding member of the Wintree Road Working Group along with Cllr. Kevin Bentley, County Councillor for Stanway, we were able to kickstart changes needed along this busy school road along with key partners including North Essex Parking Partnership and Stanway Parish Council.

“However, with recent doubling of capacity at both local primary schools in Stanway to accommodate extra students who reside locally, it’s so important lessons are learnt in planning and housing growth to ensure the correct infrastructure is delivered before housing, not being reliant on retro-fitting existing to accommodate.

“As a parent and Stanway campaigner for safety improvements along Winstree Road, this announcement from NEPP is welcomed, however we must all do our part to continue to ensure this and surrounding pathways are kept as clear as possible during busy times.”

It is expected the installation of the two cameras will take place on the 29th September 2020, however these will need to be tested, NEPP anticipate these not going live with enforcement until mid-October at the earliest.

Residents in the immediate vicinity of the schools will receive a letter early next week, notifying them of plans and where to find FAQs.

More information on this scheme can be found here: