Patching of road completed following resident backed campaign

Work to repair a busy Stanway road has been completed following a recent campaign backed by local residents and led by local councillors Jeremy Hagon and Paul Dundas.

Holly Road in Stanway has undergone Rejuvo patching by Essex County Council in a trial to stop further deterioration of the concrete built road, said to date back to the 1960’s.

Essex County Council highway engineers employed the use of a new patching technique called Rejuvopatch to complete the surface repairs.

Cllr Jeremy Hagon, Stanway Ward (Conservative) said, “Residents had been concerned over the road surface deterioration for a while now and work to repair crumbling concrete roads was desperately needed on this busy stretch of road. 

“It’s great to see after campaigning for investment, work has been completed along Holly Road to repair the defects. The damaged road had been a constant challenge for nearby residents, and being on a main bus route desperately needed urgent attention.”

Cllr Kevin Bentley, County Councillor for Stanway & Pyfleet (Conservative), said: “Here in Holly Road, we are using a brand new technique to stop the deterioration of the lamination along the road surface to stop the potholes reforming.

“The defects have been filled in and a trial of the hardworking surface patching technique called Rejuvopatch has been applied to the highway. As County Councillor, I will continue to monitor the condition of the surface of the repaired sections with the hope this patching technique can be applied elsewhere in Colchester.”

Rejuvopatch is a hardworking, durable product which can be used for pothole repairs, or as a total pre-surface treatment which can be applied all year round. Rejuvopatch is ideal for road repairs in high population density areas and busy pedestrian routes, alongside very busy roadways and inaccessible sites.