Repaired! Finally.


A big thank you to the support given by local councillors, MP Will Quince and MP Priti Patel to repair the big dips / potholes / sinkholes opposite Holly Road junction that have now finally been repaired.

I’m sure this is just the beginning of work to take place along Winstree Road, with the expansion of all three schools and a build of a fourth. Let’s hope the next steps dont take as long.

We continue with our campaign to increase road safety on Winstree Road and have submitted a formal letter to Cllr. Kevin Bentley this week, for which he fully supports road safety improvements and traffic management plan with the proposed new school builds to take place.

Never give up… problems can be fixed, sometimes it take a little time and nudging and there’s a couple of new guys in Essex County Council who seem to be doing a few good things for the borough – we’ll see!

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