Residents concerned at ‘over-subscribed’ GP surgeries across Stanway

Residents have contacted me with concerns over what has been described as ‘over-subscribed’ GP surgeries across Stanway with new assessment procedures at one surgery highlighted as being ‘wholly impractical’.

In recent years, Stanway has seen huge amounts of housing growth, sadly the infrastructure to support substantial health-care in the area has not come forward at the same time.

In 2019, the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commented on the then proposed Fruit Farm development of 420 new houses, stating: “[the development] is likely to have an impact on the services of the four GP practices operating within the vicinity of the application site” and went on to say, “GP practices and branch surgeries do not have the capacity for the additional growth resulting from this development”

With no apparent plans for substantial infrastructure coming forward to provide additional needed capacity, not only for immediate growth, but also future growth in population, I have written to Priti Patel MP for Stanway (Witham Constituency) to ask for an urgent investigation into providing immediate improvements and long-term strategic planning on behalf of residents.

If any resident has concerns of their own, please contact Priti Patel MP at or telephone 020 7219 3528. Full contact details area available at

Below is a copy of my letter.

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