Road Closure on Winstree Road sparks fury

Residents and drivers were left furious when contractors closed Winstree Road to create a cycle path, without telling residents.  Bus services were not advised and left many without a bus service.

I wrote Cllr. Eddie Johnson and email, CC’d Will Quince MP and Preti Patel MP.

Dear Sirs,

I am absolutely disgusted at the sheer lack of communication provided to local residents in and around Winstree Road in regard to the ongoing works taking place.

I have been advised that the road closure on Winstree Road will remain until May and those residents affected by traffic diversions and lack of public transport are to suffer the consequences.

My mother is nearly 65 years of age and is unable to walk without help. She relies on the bus service to get her home from working her shifts at Sainsbury’s. She has no car of her own.

The bus service being diverted away from Holly Road on the return path from Tollgate – for Health and Safety issues – is a worrying concern in itself; and a huge inconvenience not only to her, but also to the other residents that rely on this route.

With the school term due to begin in a week, why has Winstree Road been closed at the top end at this time of year. Could it not have been done during the summer break?

Additionally sickening is the pure waste of money this cycle lane represents ESPECIALLY as the ongoing flooding issues remain with no money to repair them.

How much has this cycle path cost to install and maintain? (Freedom information request – please supply financial data).

Adding this cycle path has additionally narrowed this already busy stretch of highway and will contribute to additional flooding as Essex CC are not only refusing to repair the damaged drainage – due to supposedly lack of funds – but also Essex CC have concreted over all natural grass verge soakaways in the creation of the cycle path.

I am yet to receive a response to my previous communication – I hope that I shall not have to wait too long this time.

Yours Sincerely,
Jeremy Hagon