Standing Up for Holly Road

Jeremy Hagon and Kevin Bentley were back again in Holly Road in the last few days to ensure repairs are underway soon.

Watch: Jeremy and Kevin taking action over Holly Road

This area, including Juniper Road, Holly Road / Blackberry Road cut through and others are suffering from the historical wear and tear on the surface with concrete slabs underneath.

Repairs and resurfacing have taken place over the years, but it continues to wear through, and the recent bad winter has caused even more problems.

These roads are down to be repaired again and like Winstree Road and Wheatfield Road, Kevin and Jeremy have a track record in getting the never-ending job of pothole repairs done.

COVID has affected the highways teams, who are not immune to this dreadful virus, but they are working as fast as legal restrictions allow them to get repairs done including Holly Road and surrounding areas.

Since this video was created, Essex County Council Highways engineers have marked up areas in Holly Road for repair.

Promoted by Jim Musk on behalf of Jeremy Hagon and Kevin Bentley, all at Unit C2 East Gores Farm, Colchester, CO6 1RZ.