Time for Liberal Council to come clean on Colchester’s over-development

Proposals to deliver ‘tens of thousands’ more houses near Stanway fall directly at the feet of the Liberal Democrat led council in Colchester who instinctively continue to subscribe to the methodology housing WITHOUT infrastructure is the path to successful, harmonious communities. Spoiler – it’s not!

I was surprised to recently hear from very concerned residents across Stanway that details for the largest proposed new-town development since Milton Keynes (to be built less than a mile from the Stanway border) had yet to be mentioned by the Stanway Liberal Democrats, despite them recently voting to support continued funding of the development company delivering the scheme.

It is well documented GP surgeries do not have the capacity for the additional growth.  There are simply no substantial plans to deliver much needed healthcare services in Stanway for existing residents, despite housing developer contributions of more than £700,000 to the local council.  Sadly, Stanway’s money has been allocated to be spent elsewhere in the town, not in Stanway!

Of course, a well-run well-managed council should help deliver new opportunities for affordable housing for a growing population, however it is important to recognise these opportunities must be delivered in a sustainable and controlled way and of course, with required infrastructure in healthcare, education, transport and employment to match.

Stanway Conservatives will continue to Stand Up for Stanway against what has been described as ‘disastrous’ plans being delivered by a ‘rotten council’.  We give our pledge to residents we will do all we can to protect Stanway against continued over-development and work hard to fight for “Stanway Money for Stanway” to help deliver facilities and services so desperately needed.

*The above article was published as a readers letter in the Colchester Gazette on Wednesday 26th February, 2020.