Update on flooding issues around Holly Road

Following up on resident reports of drainage and flooding issues after heavy bouts of rain in and around Holly Road in Stanway, I raised the issue with our Essex County Councillor to help address the ongoing problems.

The Drainage Engineer at Essex County Council has now advised the ad hoc jetting team attended the area around Holly Road and Harvey Crescent on 29th October 2021. The drainage here runs from gullies to soakaways and so in periods of heavy or prolonged rainfall may become overwhelmed.

However, there are Surface Water Alleviation Scheme (SWAS) applications submitted for both Harvey Crescent and Holly Road in an attempt to improve the drainage systems. SWAS are broad scoped, capital funded drainage schemes.

All SWAS schemes are added to the risk register and provisionally programmed over current and future years according to their score; schemes with the highest scores are prioritised over others.

My hope is improvement works via the SWAS scheme will come forward in due course and will continue to monitor the situation for further progress.