Why I’m backing Boris Johnson as our next Prime Minister

My political journey has been led by the leadership and passion of others, standing up for their communities and doing what is needed.

Entrepreneurial spirit runs through my blood as does the drive and desire to help make other people’s lives better in everything I do, so my decision to join the Conservative Party after years of campaigning for my family’s home and local community in Stanway, was a natural choice.

In the EU Membership Referendum of 2016, an opportunity was afforded to citizens of the United Kingdom to free ourselves from the shackles of EU bureaucracy, giving us back control of our borders, our laws, our taxes and trade growth opportunities with the rest of the world.

Three years later we sadly find ourselves in the dire situation where our great Country has been polarised by indecisiveness, split by an unsavoury position placed upon us by a failure to deliver on the result of the referendum 17.4 million people voted for.

Time and time again we were told “no deal is better than a bad deal”, “we are leaving the European Union on the 29th March”, yet repeated attempts to present what can only be described as a doomed Withdrawal Agreement, failed to deliver on promises.

We didn’t leave, it didn’t happen, the UK continued to “kick the can down the road” toward yet another Brexit deadline. As a consequence of a repeated failure to deliver Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation.

The announcement prompted many Conservative MP’s to put their name forward for the leadership contest. Weeks of debate have taken place since, dwindling down potentials to just two final candidates in the Conservative leadership contest – Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson.

Both candidates have their individual strengths in leadership and both have experience in Government; Jeremy Hunt as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London.

Our Country and Party is now at a critical point, desperate for a new leader with vision, determination and a personality to unite. A leader who will encourage business growth, provide for education, back our police force, invest in our local community services and above all else, deliver on the promise to leave the EU.

Boris Johnson has maintained his positivly contagious and energetic persona throughout, bringing passion back into political campaigning with a creative flair and an empowering drive to invest in and improve our town centres and local communities.

With a promise to deliver Brexit “deal or no deal” (but preferably with a deal) by the 31st of October, Boris is sending a clear message – we are in charge of our destiny, our future and not Brussels – and signals a marker point of stability and unity so desperately needed by our business leaders and entrepreneurs – the wealth and job creators of our Country.

We need Boris Johnson as the next leader of our Conservative Party to defeat Jeremy Corbyn, and to be our next Prime Minister to deliver Brexit and unite our Country.

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