Work set to start in 2018 on Tollgate Village

A second High Court judge has refused permission for a legal challenge to Tollgate Village, meaning work on the project could now start in the new year.

Fenwick and Lion Walk Property S.A.R.L. had applied for permission in September to seek a review in the High Court of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government’s decision to approve the Tollgate Village application.

After The Honourable Mrs Justice Lang DBE refused the claimant’s permission for the challenge, they requested that the application be heard in person before another specialist planning judge.

Yesterday The Honourable Mr Justice Ouseley,  again dismissed the application. Both judges have awarded costs against Fenwick and Lion Walk Property S.A.R.L.

Daniel Watts and Jayne Gee, Directors of Tollgate Partnership Limited, the Stanway company behind Tollgate Village, said: “We are extremely pleased with this decision. After years of unnecessary delays, we are looking forward to starting work on Tollgate Village in 2018.

“Our growing Borough has waited long enough for Tollgate Village’s jobs, facilities, investment and much needed road and infrastructure improvements.”

The Tollgate Partnership has been planning to deliver the next stage of growth in Stanway with a £70 million re-development of the old Sainsbury’s site in Stanway, Colchester since plans were first published in 2014.

After Colchester Council initially refused planning permission in February 2016, the developers Tollgate Partnership Limited appealed to the government.

After a lengthy appeal hearing with support from many residents, retailers, councillors and MP for Stanway Priti Patel, the Secretary of State Sajid Javid granted the appeal allowing planning permission for the scheme.

Public support was reported at 85% in favour of the redevelopment plans which could see proposed retail stores, cinema and restaurants being built.

The multi-million pound development is proposed to bring almost 1000 jobs to the local area, improvements to the local infrastructure and a multi-storey car park for Tollgate.